Wednesday Worryings

Here are a few of the Blog posts or links that I found useful, interesting or crackers this week. I hope you enjoy or relate to them… – Cool blog post by Michelle on Self Publishing – The price of eBooks seems pretty good value right now. – Funny Yoda-ism’s – Reader group stuff and how they can help you get the word out. – Kristen Lamb Blog post on K.I.S.S. Very cool and well thought out.

Just a quick note here while I have your attention. Ladies please let us know your first name on your Blog or Site. I love to spread the word on cool Blog posts but it is a massive pain in the arse when your name is only known as V.E.T. Petcare. Unless you are on the lamb and busy dodging U.S. Marshalls please let us in on the big secret. Gone are the days of ladies being treated badly by the publishing community. I mean just ask J.K. Rowling. Shit! there goes my argument!


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